Preaching Salvation to Israel and the Nations

Shalom and welcome to A Light To The Nations Messianic Ministries’ website.  Our mission is to help Jewish people recognize that their Messiah has come and to help Gentile believers reconnect to their Hebraic roots so that God’s salvation “may reach the ends of the earth.” (Isa 49:6).  Our mandate is to proclaim the Gospel to Israel and the nations and make disciples to further God’s kingdom here on earth until He returns.

We also help Gentile (non-Jewish) believers come back to their Hebraic roots to have a deeper understanding of the Scriptures.  We study the Word from a first century Hebraic perspective to better understand the context of the passage.   We not only look at the original languages but also cultural nuances and the socio-political and economic situations that the authors were dealing with and addressing in their writings.  The Bible was authored by Jews (Rom 3:2) and therefore is more fully understood if interpreted in a Hebraic context.  By understanding the continuity between the Old and New Covenants, Christians develop a richer knowledge and appreciation of the person and character of God as He revealed Himself to the Nation of Israel through the Hebrew Bible.

We believe in the imminent return of the Lord so our focus is to help the sheeriyth (remnant) to understand the times and be prepared to be an effective witness to the world today.  It appears that we are truly in the last days and see that while love waxes cold and evil spreads, God is raising up powerful spiritual warriors to be His standard-bearers.  He seeks those who want to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

ALTTN Messianic Ministries is a congregation-planting ministry.  We believe the local kehilat (congregation) is the centre of believing life.  The ancient synagogue was not only a place of worship but a school, community centre and even where political meetings were held.  Our desire is to establish healthy Messianic communities across the world so believers can become true disciples of Yeshua, growth in their faith and reproduce.  Peter exhorts us to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour”  (2Pet 3:18).  As we study and live out the word, we mature in our faith and have a greater impact in the community around us.

We invite you to journey with us.  Follow us online, visit one of our communities and pray and support our efforts to preach the Gospel “to the Jew first and also to the Gentile.”

B’Ahava Ha Mashiach (In the love of the Messiah)
Rabbi Darryl Weinberg
Executive Director
ALTTN Messianic Ministries