Preaching Salvation to Israel and the Nations

Circumcision, The Gentile and Passover

As Gentiles come into the knowledge of Torah and an obedient lifestyle to the commandments of God, there is often uncertainty as to how to walk it out. In fact, the Hebrew word halacha, from the root word halach, means the way to walk or go. Halacha is a concept within Judaism, derived from the Talmud or Oral Law as to literally how to live out the commandments of Torah. Rabbinic Judaism actually regards the Talmud (the Babylonian Talmud is 23 volumes) in higher regard than the Torah itself because the rabbis say God gave us the Torah and left

Legacy Of Joy

Here is a devotional from one of the moms in our local homeschooling group.  I trust you’ll be as blessed as I was.  DW

Our theme for tonight is “Leaving a Legacy of Joy” and honestly this would be a
challenging topic for me even if we weren’t nine months into a worldwide pandemic. So, you
can rest assured that I have prayed ALOT over this message. And as always Emmanuel is right
here with us, always speaking to us all and guiding us into all truth.
People describe joy as many things… feelings of great pleasure or happiness.

Are The 7 Noahide Laws Biblical?

Every once in a while (actually a lot of the time now) I come across an issue that is being promoted in the Body of Messiah that produces a red mark in the middle of my forehead.  While I understand and accept the world has gone moonbat crazy, what keeps popping up amongst believers truly baffles me.  We have the Scriptures and the Author of those Scriptures actually indwelling us yet there is a plague of biblical illiteracy within the Body and no application of the principles clearly laid out in the Bible which results in a people devoid of

No Longer Under The Law

“So you think that Gentiles shouldn’t eat pork.”

The question was asked as I sat down to enjoy a pizza lunch with the others on the team.  It was 2008 and myself and a few others from the ministry I served with at the time were in Dearborn, Michigan during the Dearborn Arabic Festival.  Dearborn was at the time home to the largest Arab community in the U.S.  Henry Ford being extremely anti-Semitic brought in Arabs, predominantly Lebanese people to work his car plants.  During this festival, one could turn any which way and get great-tasting  shawarma, falafel and baklava.

What Does God Need?

As English philosopher Edmund Burke once allegedly said “All that is needed for the forces of evil to triumph is for enough good men to do nothing.”  A sad statement to be sure and we have seen that demonstrated amply throughout history in the cases of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Rwanda, Bosnia, etc. and those are just examples in the 20th century.  The human heart is naturally evil and without God’s intervention, we would consume each other and all of creation with it.

So what does God need in order to bring glory to Himself and to “save the

Until Heaven & Earth Pass Away

When Yeshua said in Mat 5:17 that until heaven and earth pass away, we interpret that to mean not one tiniest aspect of the Torah shall pass away until all is fulfilled.  Christianity says that on the cross, all was fulfilled in His sacrifice and therefore, since Torah has now been fulfilled, we don’t need to be concerned about it anymore.  The commandments are abolished since in some strange twist of logic, not abolished but fulfilled really means abolished(!)

On the other hand, Messianics, Torah-obedient, Hebrew roots believers et al say that as long as heaven and earth stand, all

The Great Commission – The Command To Go

There are thousands of missions and ministries every day that strive to fulfill their calling.  Feeding the poor, providing love and direction to underprivileged children, building schools and digging wells are all part of the greater calling that Christians have in what the Bible calls the Great Commission.  Before He ascended to heaven, Yeshua commissioned His followers to go into the world and tell everyone about Him, to spread the Gospel (good news) that mankind could now be reconciled to God because He finished the work of atonement on the cross.

Although many Christians do this work because of a

Milk & Meat

In today’s North American church environment of accommodating the culture, seeker-sensitive services and program-oriented solutions, we are breeding a generation of believers who have no foundation in their faith and I’ve often commented that Christians today have very little understanding of what they’re being saved from and what they’re being saved unto.  I really see this as being a two-fold problem; lack of discipleship and lack of sound teaching from the pulpits.

First of all, if we focus on programs to solve the problems in the individual, we’ve eliminated the first part of the great commission which is to make

Did God Turn His Face Away From Yeshua?

As we approach Passover/Easter, many pastors are now focusing on the crucifixion in their sermons.   As they get to the part about Yeshua’s cry “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me,” we very often hear that for the one and only time in history, The Father turned His face away from the Son.  The eternal communion of God had been broken because Yeshua, who knew no sin had become sin for us (2Cor 5:21) and apparently God cannot look upon sin so had to turn away.  The utter desolation Yeshua felt was because for the first time in

Closing The Deal

In 1Cor 12, we see the Body of Messiah is called so because we truly do operate as a body.  Every person is like a different part that has a unique function which is interrelated with all the others.  Even in evangelism people have different roles to play.  Sha’ul (Paul) says in 1 Cor 3:6 “I planted, Apollos watered, but God was giving the growth.”  When we sow the seeds of the gospel, others step into our work and we into others.  Many of the people I have led to the Lord over the years have been during my first